Thursday, April 16

I did another show!

Nice Easter? Yes, alright, I ate as much as you! Anyhoo, I did another show on Tuesday, 14th April from 7-9pm. Think it was my best yet, everything went really well. Over the two hours I featured tracks from my newly acquired compilation and played some awesome new songs from new artisits. If you get a moment checkout the tracklisting below, I'd love to hear what you think. Just before you go, stay tuned as in a weeks time there will be some very exciting news!


Franz Ferdinand 'Lucid Dreams'
The King 'Come As You Are'
Los Campesinos 'Broken Hearts Sound Like Breakbeats
Princess MC 'Pump Up That Funk'
Libelula 'Wonderful'
Esser 'Satisfied Prof Dub'
Unkle 'Burn Your Shadows'
Mother and the Addicts 'Oh God, Stop Hurting ME'
Goyte 'Leanalilgivanlovin'
Bahamadia 'Paper Thin'
My Tiger, My Timing 'This Is Not The Fire'
Uncle Sam 'Round The World Girls' (Tes Le Rox Mix)
M.I.A. 'Paper Planes'
Heads We Dance 'My Heart Is Set On You'
Alexis Taylor 'Baby'
Munch Munch 'Squirrel'
Subsource 'Breakout'
Queen Latifah 'Ladies First'
Geek Chic Soundsystem 'Why Atorta...'
The Herbaliser Feat. Jessica Darling 'On Your Knees'
The Presets 'Kicking & Screaming'
Tenor Fly 'Bump and Grind'
Hercules & The Love Affair 'You Belong'
Supersystem "Miracle'
Camille Yarborough 'Take Yo Praise'
Ladyhawke 'Dusk To Dawn' (Canyon Garage Disco Mix)
Grovesnor 'Nitemoves'

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